Is the Quality Certification process a mystery or is your management system "old and tired"?


Why Quality Management is for ALL Businesses

In the past the Quality Management Standard (ISO 9001) was considered more aligned to the Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction sectors.  In 2015, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) refined the Management Standards to be the benchmark for best practice for all businesses across all sectors.


Over the past 12 years assisting companies, across all industry sectors, to achieve their ISO 9001 certification, we repeatedly see the four main pain points that confront our clients:

  • they need a Quality Management System because they are missing out on high value, long term contracts

  • their growth is being hampered through not having a system in place

  • they know they need certification but they don't know where to start or who can help them

  • they have limited resources and these resources are committed to the full-time operation of the business 

Missing out on High Value, Long Term Contracts?

What happens when a tender "hits the streets" requiring that you have a Quality Management system in place? 


You miss out on that opportunity, probably setting you up for long term work and future opportunities!

It doesn't have to be that way. 


You can show evidence that you have commenced the certification process because from day 1 you will have a solution in place. 

Is your growth being hampered by not having a Quality Management System?

Today many businesses grow organically and are built by the current owner.  The processes and procedures are developed as the need arises and are generally maintained on the owner's laptop in "his" filing system.


As business grows and more staff are employed, business processes and procedures need to be developed, stored and accessible by employees.


Implementing a Quality Management system helps bring all aspects of the business together making it easier to find that "elusive" procedure.


Capture business processes from day 1!

Need a Quality Management System but don't know where to start?

Many of our clients are recently created by two or three experienced professionals who have worked together in larger organisations in the same industry sector.  They understand Quality because they have worked within a Quality Management environment.


When they create the company, they know the value of having a Quality Management System, but they have no idea how they should set one up.


Because we have worked with companies like yours for over 10 years we understand the dilemma you face and we work with you to demystify the whole certification process.  Think of us as your tour guide!

Too busy to even contemplate getting your company a Quality certification?

Small businesses are set up where everyone is employed to do a specific job.


There is NO fat!


Implementing a Management system takes time and a considerable amount of effort.


For the past 12 years we have seen companies like yours struggle to juggle the daily operational tasks and do what is required for certification.


From day 1 we work with you, at a time that suits you (even on weekends) to help you on the certification journey with minimal impact on your operations.


Our "secret sauce": Minimal face to face time, maximum information capture.  We do the hard yards in the background!

Who we enjoy working with ....

We enjoy working with our clients and think of them as long term friends.  They know they can contact us day and night and we are there to support them even after they achieve certification. Below are some of the clients we have supported over the past 12 years.   We have included testimonials for some of those clients here.

About Us

We take great pride and pleasure in seeing your business grow and be successful.


Over the past 10 years, Quality Management Australia has specialised in providing Integrated Management Systems and support across numerous industry sectors including Defence, aerospace, health care, software development, environmental consultants, electrical and instrumentation contractors, heavy industry, manufacturing, construction and traffic control. 


An Integrated Management System comprises:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality)

  • ISO 45001:2018 (Health and Safety)

  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environment)

  • ISO 50001:2018 (Energy)

Terry O'Brien

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Terry has spent over 20 years supporting Defence Industry particularly in the area of maintenance, engineering and integrated logistics.


Terry has the knowledge, expertise and credibility to help implement Integrated Management Systems in 8 weeks with certification guaranteed.


He works with management teams to ensure they are committed to the success of the Integrated Management System and leads them through the total journey to certification.


Terry trains staff to function better within the Quality environment and provides ongoing support to ensure the Integrated Quality Management System "stays on the rails".


Terry works with companies in Aviation, Defence, Mining, Oil and Gas, Transport, Manufacturing and Construction.



Asrar Ismail

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 Asrar has a strong background in business analysis and process re-engineering. This includes understanding the current processes. Seeking technological intervention to automate mundane processes. Improving processes that engage technological advancements as well as employee capabilities. 


Asrar has engaged in corporate governance models, business strategy identification and implementation of benchmarked practices whilst adapting each practice through the business need. Her area of expertise lies in ISO 9001 and 14001, start-up entrepreneurship and project management.


Asrar's industry experience includes Education, Aviation, Manufacturing, Construction with an avid interest in the health sector.


In short, Asrar can integrate business and interpret information technological jargon for anyone! 

Claudia Naranjo

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Claudia has over 17 years of experience working and implementing quality management systems - ISO 9001 and international best practices for software development and maintenance - CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) both Services and Development.


Proficient in Microsoft Office Technologies. Knowledgeable about process mapping and project management.


Experience in the analysis, documentation and implementation of software products and software requirements. Skilled using and understanding software health systems and health processes.

Claudia is the workflow guru and is able to take manual, mundane processes and convert them into automated activities using the Microsoft technologies available today.  Through her ability she is able to save clients many thousands of hours by reducing manual activities.

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