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Quality Management and Your Employees

The term Quality Management is a misnomer in that implies that it is purely the domain of senior management. While it is very true that a Quality Management system will not survive without management commitment, one must not forget the role played by the employees in an organisation. Those organisations that thrive and grow through the implementation of Quality Management understand that promoting competent, empowered and engaged people at all levels throughout the organisation is essential to enhancing the organisation's capability to create and deliver value both internally and to its customers. So how do we manage an organisation effectively and efficiently? Firstly, we need to respect a

TIME - the ultimate customer pain point!

Recently a comment was posted in LinkedIn "Sell the Problem You Solve Not the Product" and this resonated with me as I lamented about what pain I am solving for my clients with a Business Management System. Could it be making them wealthy, maybe making them safer or maybe even getting all their staff to collaborate to meet some common goals. Nope! After weeks of working with my clients and potential clients it has dawned on me that the single biggest problem I need to solve for my clients if TIME - or the lack of it! It is interesting to ask one's clients what pains or problems they have and 9 out of 10 times they will say, "nah I don't really have any business pains". Mind you these busin

Defence White Paper great for the Construction Industry

Today I had the pleasure of listening to Mr Lindsay Pears (Defence Envoy) for the Queensland Government give a presentation to Sunshine Coast businesses on what the release of the Defence White paper means to Australian industry. Throughout the presentation it was obvious that the construction industry is going to be a huge winner from the latest Defence stance. Major construction will be occurring throughout Australia to meet the growing Defence Capability requirements. Of interest to Queensland construction companies is the amount of work coming your way in Queensland. Projects at Amberley, Enoggera, Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns are going to have savvy construction companies maint

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Quality Management Australia's Integrated Management System does more then just help achieve certification, manage compliance and non-conformances, it gives you a tool to manage all aspects of the business.

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