Our Story

"We will come to your office on the Sunshine Coast to do the Quality System audit", said the third party auditor.

"No" I said, "Think outside the square, we will come to your office in Brisbane for the audit!" 

                                                                                                                                 Terry O'Brien Director 2008

I was running a very successful business supplying Engineering, Integrated Logistic and Technical Writing resources to Australian Defence Industry.


We found, however, that we were missing out on huge business opportunities because we lacked a 3rd party certified Quality Management System.


Like all small businesses we thought building the system would be relatively easy so we bought an ISO9001 template online and all we had to do was replace the blue text. Right?  Ah nope wrong!

What we didn't think about was our lack of knowledge about Quality Management standards and that our limited resources (everyone in the business had a fulltime day job!) kept us busy just supporting our customers.

After 18 months of TRYING .. we decided to DO something from left field!

We had a lull in our external work so we decided to use technology to help us develop and use a Quality Management System.  From the outset we decided that the system had to be part of our day not an additional activity!


We pulled the Standard apart, created forms, developed interactive process maps, and achieved certification after 3 weeks.  So began Netbase (interNET + dataBASE) Solutions in 2010. 


In 2016, Netbase was rebranded to Quality Management Australia to better reflect what we do.  


So how can our background help you?


Our solution was created back in 2008 and was captured on an early version of SharePoint hosted by another company.  Since 2008 we have stayed aligned to the latest that Microsoft has to offer and our solution sits on the latest version of SharePoint Online.


We update our solution to incorporate any great ideas suggested during audits of our clients, so you get the best solution for your business.


OUR MISSION is to help small and medium-size businesses grow by having the right solutions at their fingertips.


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