How long does it take to have a solution up and running? How long before we can achieve certification?

If a company opts for the manual templated option, the time to achieve certification could take 6 to 12 months and consume many hours of your employee’s time and cause lost productivity increasing the overall cost of implementation.

TA will be up and running with your customised system in place in days not months and the results are 100% guaranteed. The start of the certification journey can commence from day one!

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How long will my staff be taken away from their primary job? I just don't have time to waste as we are so busy!

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When working with manual systems, staff involvement is high as they work with some consultants. This reduces the time they should be spending on their primary tasks. Many consultants work on an hourly rate therefore the longer they spend on the project the better it benefits them.

We spend minimal face to face time with management and staff because we have developed a solution consisting of fast paced interactive sessions achieving maximum understanding of your business in the shortest timeframe. Our solution is fixed priced and outcome focused.

TA is guaranteed of certification and the solution helps your business improve and become more efficient and productive.