Why does the cost of implementing a Quality Management System vary so much between consultants?

We have seen quotes from $5,000 to well over $100,000!

Image by Aaron Burden


Manual systems are created using general templates that are not necessarily aligned to the way you do business. This approach is easy for some consultants to "create" a system that they state will assist in obtaining certification.

We have seen in our experience that the initial costs for such systems invoke many hidden costs beyond the initial purchase costs. Some costs include:

  • Significant staff training costs to enable implementation of the manual system,

  • Loss of staff productivity while implementing a template based or manual system, and

  • Updating manual procedures and forms is time consuming.

It is well known that companies using manual systems have documents on the shelf gathering dust that nobody uses, manual forms that promote antiquated and outdated process and onerous preparation for annual audits.


Dedicated systems are designed and built specifically to manage the standards for which they are designed. They become a tool that is additional to your current business tools.


Because these systems are purpose built, they are often sold with ongoing maintenance costs and huge annual fees (some systems have fees in the order of $100,000s. They do just one thing, manage your Quality System!

The cost of using a dedicated system for small and medium business (SMB) is prohibitive and generally requires the support of a dedicated Quality Management department.



Solution based systems are not just about achieving certification, they are about improving the business and being an integral component of the daily routine.

Solution based systems provide added features such as Document management, team collaboration and planning tools enabling greater opportunities for growth and teamwork.

We provide a solution that is accessible anywhere and, on any device, and being totally paperless is environmentally friendly.