Manage Your Sales and Marketing using SAMI

So you are a small business owner and you need a simple tool to manage your leads and their progression through the sales cycle. 

Welcome to SAMI - the "Sales and Marketing Initiative"!

SAMI was designed to meet the needs of one of our clients who was frustrated with all the hype and BS associated with a full blown Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.  They didn't need the Email Marketing components, the in-depth automation , the complexity of driving such a beast and they certainly didn't want the huge expense these systems suck from your cashflow on a regular basis!

SAMI is simple!

SAMI gives you the information at your fingertips, whether at the computer or on your phone, to make decisions on which potential clients you should be targeting to get the sale.

What is SAMI?

SAMI is a tool that is built on your existing software platform* and comprises the following features:

  • Client Database

  • Lead Database

  • Phone App

  • Management Dashboard

What is SAMI Isn't!

SAMI isn't any of the following:

  • A complex system that needs a degree in Astrophysics to use

  • A regular drain on your time and resources

  • A constant outpouring of cash from your business on a regular (monthly) basis

  • An Email marketing tool

  • A pain in the backside to keep up-to-date

So What Does SAMI Look Like?

Here are a few snap shots of SAMI​!

Sales Funnel.png

The Sales Pipeline allows buisness owners to see where a particualr lead is in relation to geeting the sale or the contract sign.  This matrix forms the basis of SAMI.

Capturing a new lead via a mobile

Company Register.png

Sample shot of the Company Register

Sales Pipeline Register.png

Sample shot of the Lead Register


Sample shot of the Lead Management Dashboard

So How Much is Your Investment in SAMI?

I am glad you asked.  SAMI is available to any company, big or small, with one client or thousands for the once of payment of the low price of $987.00.


That's it ..... there is no more ...... no ongoing fees, no monthly subscriptions and no limits on the number of users or number of clients.


$987.00 gives you a simple, workable solution for managing your sales pipeline.   We love it!!!

How Do I Get SAMI?

To get started with SAMI and take control of your Sales Pipeline, complete the form below and we will be in contact.

Thanks for your enquiry


SAMI is built on Office 365 so you will require Office 365 licences.  As a Microsoft partner we can set your organisation up for Office 365 at no charge.