TIME - the ultimate customer pain point!

Recently a comment was posted in LinkedIn "Sell the Problem You Solve Not the Product" and this resonated with me as I lamented about what pain I am solving for my clients with a Business Management System. Could it be making them wealthy, maybe making them safer or maybe even getting all their staff to collaborate to meet some common goals.

Nope! After weeks of working with my clients and potential clients it has dawned on me that the single biggest problem I need to solve for my clients if TIME - or the lack of it!

It is interesting to ask one's clients what pains or problems they have and 9 out of 10 times they will say, "nah I don't really have any business pains". Mind you these businesses are growing at a phenomenal rate and the reason they contacted us was because they needed to get their business organised to meet the expected growth.

But here in lies the problem! Once they sign the contract for our services, they now have no time available to commit to providing the data. Now I could say "No Problems" and just deliver a compliant, populated system that would meet the needs of the auditor, looks great and certificate on the wall BUT there would be no ownership by the owner or indeed the employees within the business.

This is NOT WHAT we do!

So how do we provide our services, deliver our product, gain ownership, change the culture and do so without physically tying the owner and stakeholders to a chair and forcing them to be involved?

I know there is an answer "blowing in the wind" - somewhere! Love to get some thoughts on how others solve the "non-existent" pain point called TIME!

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