Get Teams Training for your "work at home" employees

The Australian Government release of the second Small Business Stimulus package will go a long way to helping us continue to operate and support our families during this global crisis.

Since 2018 we have been communicating and collaborating using our Office 365 products, particularly Microsoft Teams.

This means we do not use emails internally, and in some cases not even with our clients.

Because we use Teams daily, as part of our operations, we are ideally placed to help you and your team to work together while working remotely, using Microsoft Teams.

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If you have been forced into having your employees work from home, and you have Office 365, the following training package is what you need.  Don't delay, click the button and book a 15 minute, no obligation call to discuss your particular needs.

Your Investment

We have developed a package that will have your business communicating and using Microsoft Teams immediately, no setup or "fluff" just practical solutions to get your team up and running today. 


All training is conducted online, using Teams, and we have extended our hours from 6am to 10pm, 5 days a week to cater for the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

A maximum of 4 hours training is provided in the package but additional support is available if requested.


Your investment for a 4 hour remote training session (all staff involved) is structured in the following way:

  • Businesses with 3 or less employees - FREE

  • Businesses with 4 - 10 employees - $987.00

  • Businesses with 11 -20 employees - $1787.00

  • Businesses with 21 - 50 employees - $2387.00

  • Business with 50+ employees - POA

What you receive

Your training package will include the following modules:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams - what it is

  • Teams and Channels - how to separate data and maintain security

  • Chats - the new way we communicate

  • Files - managing, storage, version control and sharing

  • Meetings - Setting up and running video/voice call meetings

  • Screen sharing - share your screen with fellow employees or clients

  • Email - its integration with teams

  • Planner - manage projects and assign employees on projects/activities

Other Support

In additional to training support for small and medium business, we can work with employers to help them set up the structures within Teams that best reflects their business needs such as Functional areas, Finance, HR, Operations etc or Project specific Teams.  We can also assist you to migrate data from current storage mediums to the Teams Platform.  

Additional services will be provided based on a survey and quote process.

Please contact us if you have any other areas in which we may be able to assist.

What will Teams do for my business?

Reduce inefficient meetings, unnecessary travel time and allow employees to work from home


Ineffective scheduling tools, and inability to locate or easily share meeting notes, chats, and relevant files contribute to unnecessary back and forth and painfully long email threads.


Remove Version control issues

Without a centralized place to collect team input, team members might use an outdated contract template, for example, or a document missing final adjustments.


Prevent Unsecured file sharing


Without a centralized hub for file sharing internally and externally, team members might use unsanctioned apps, creating the potential for security vulnerabilities.


Reduce the number of collaboration tools


Traditional office environments without an integrated collaboration hub limit ability to collaborate securely with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my team work anywhere from any device?


• Use the best-in-class productivity tools and work across all your devices, securely

• Share and edit your documents in real-time with your team

• Stay connected and access your emails, contacts, and calendars across your devices even when offline with Outlook


Can I host online meetings with my staff and clients to get work done in real time?

• With one click, enable anyone inside or outside your organization to join your online meeting from any device

• Meet right away or schedule meetings at your convenience from Outlook.

• Record meetings, share your screen, and annotate documents for real-time co-authoring

• Integrate scheduling, note taking, desktop sharing, uploading files, and chat messaging for online meetings


Can I keep all files related to a project or task in one place and my staff can access them?

• Get a hub for teamwork that brings together all your team’s chats, meetings, files, and apps

• Customize a unique workspace for each team to connect people to content and activity

• Communicate though threaded and persistent chat to keep everyone in the know

• Use internal social networking to brainstorm or update team members


Can I collaborate securely with customers, employees, and suppliers?

• Use persistent chat and shared workspaces to help employees, partners, and customers work together.

• Use integrated instant message to chat or answer quick questions.

• Share or publish team calendars

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