Client Testimonials 

Our clients are specialists in their field of knowledge.  We are very grateful to those who are happy to promote our service.  The following are a few testimonials received this year.

Black Moth Vision Systems

Scott Gemmell.jpeg

Scott Gemmell - Director Black Moth Vision Systems


I would highly recommend engaging Quality Management Australia if you are wanting to gain ISO9001 certification. They have provided us with a business management system that will allow us to operate a business that will make our life easier, enable ISO9001 compliance to be obtained and allow a collaborative approach to tasks for the organisation.


RetroCast Pty Ltd

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Retrocast Pty Ltd Logo.jpg

Peter Glennie - Director Retrocast Pty Ltd


Retrocast Pty Ltd had the great pleasure of engaging Terry O'Brien of Quality Management Australia to design and implement our Quality Assurance system and gain Third Party Accreditation.


Whilst I have personally been involved in Quality Assurance and its implementation many times over my 50 year career in heavy industry , many of my staff had no prior exposure.


Terry's consultative approach made sense and gave meaning to the total concept of Quality Assurance in a Team environment and he has a structured, net based product, that I feel was extremely appropriate and quite innovative and so different from any other delivery system I have ever encountered in this area. The system we now have installed does and will continue to add meaning and direction to our Quality Assurance now and into the future.


I would gladly recommend Terry to any company looking to improve their overall performance in this vital area.