What is Virtual Quality Support?

Provides you with the opportunity to work ON the business instead of IN the business.


It is a virtual support that provides you with the opportunity of time.  No longer do you need to worry whether things are in order for your annual or tri-annual surveillance.

How does it work?

Unlike your quality assurance activities that you will still need to manage internally. We provide you with an ease of mind, and opportunity to have more time  by updating the system on a month to month basis.

We manage your internal audits and management review meeting. Recognise if there is an area of improvement that can be incorporated and provide you with a sounding board to enable you to grow your business.

To do this, we would start the engagement process by scheduling meeting with the management team. Thereafter, we will identify the agenda for the meeting. One of the agenda items will include internal audit along with another element of ‘inspection’. Thereafter, we will send out an agenda item before the meeting. After the meeting we will update the (integrated Business Management System) IBMS with the relevant discussions and action items

that must be completed. These action item can be to tweak the dashboard, organisation chart, risk registers, process flows or review major business changes/challenges!

A quarterly feedback shall be provided to you for you to analyse and observe the changes that have occurred as the time has been spent.

Why should you choose it?

An employee named Emma is a Production Manager in a company. She earns $100,000 per year.  The expected return on investment for the company is $300,000 in productivity. However: 

If she is working on updating the Integrated Business Management System, the cost of employment will be half her time resulting into $50,000 in productivity. The loss to the company is productivity is $150,000 from $300,000.
Now, if the company invests in a vQM on updating the Integrated Business Management System, the cost of employment will be $7,200 with no loss of time in productivity. The loss to the company is productivity is $7,200 from $300,000.  

What will it cost?

How do I join?

It will cost you much lesser than reserving a resource to work for you internally. We can guarantee that!

Contact us on 1800 000 235 or email us at info@qmaus.com.au 


Quality Management Australia's Integrated Management System does more then just help achieve certification, manage compliance and non-conformances, it gives you a tool to manage all aspects of the business.

Phone: 1800 000 235


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