What is Virtual Business Improvement Management?

Provides you with the opportunity to work  ON  the business instead of IN the business.


It is a virtual support that provides you with the opportunity of time.  No longer do you need to worry whether things are in order for your annual or tri-annual surveillance.

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How it works?

Unlike your quality assurance activities that you will still need to manage internally. We provide you with ease of mind, and the opportunity to have more time by updating the system on a month to month basis.

We manage your internal audits and management reviews and your Business Improvement activities. 

Why should you choose it?

An employee, Emma, is the Production Manager in the business. She earns $100,000 per year and the owner would expect to see a return on investment of $300,000 in productivity.  

If Emma is spending 50% of her time managing the Business Management System, that is $50,000 in wages and because she is only productive for the remaining 50% of her time as a Production Manager, the Return on Investment is only $150,000.  


By employing Emma in a part time role balancing Production Manager and the Business Management system, the business is effectively loosing $150,000 in productivity and $50,000 in wages.  A total cost to the company $200,000.
Now, if the company invests in a vBIM to manage the Business Improvement Management System, the cost to the company would be less than 5% of the total cost in this example. 


This equates to a cost saving of $190,000


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What will it cost?

How do I join?

It will cost you much less than employing a dedicated staff member. We can guarantee that!

Contact us on 1800 000 235 or email us at info@qmaus.com.au